Karma’s a bitch…

Posted: June 1, 2010 in Random Ramblings

A burglar broke into a house in an upmarket area, the burglar had chosen the biggest, most expensive house on the street. This particular man was a master of his art and always looked for a challenge.

It was only a case of traversing the 10 foot wall and disarming the perimeter security system. Of course the cctv also posed a problem, but he deftly took care of that too. He was surprised to find that the front door was laughably simple to unlock. The thief entered a grand hall finished with marble staircases and silken curtains, you can imagine the man’s delight as he snatched a thick wallet, full of notes.

“Karma’s gonna get you.” came the disembodied voice across the cavernous marble halls, eerily echoing against the walls…

The man was shocked and almost fled the house, but the prospect of having all the treasures that awaited him in this mansion was just too enticing.

The bedroom upstairs was another treasure trove of silver and gold, the burglar was giddy with excitement to fill his sack with jewellery, the fact that the house was clearly unoccupied that night made him no less content. He couldn’t believe his luck.

“Karma’s gonna get you…” came the spectral voice….

The man bolted for the front door, there was no choice to make, he had had enough, he’d rather leave with his life than be dead with a sack full of stolen goods. Something sinister was watching him and he didn’t know what…

But his all-encompassing greed got the better of the man as he passed the open door of the enormous dining room. The moonlight was glancing off something shiny in the room. To this wily man, shiny meant expensive. He paused mid-flight to examine what was in the room.

To his dismay the object was just too big to take with him. Removing the heavy velvet shroud that had been draped over it, he discovered a solid gold cage. There was something moving within the shadows…

“Karma’s gonna get you!” squawked the parrot. The burglar laughed out loud at his own foolishness. He couldn’t believe he had been fooled by the bird. He felt like an idiot to have been frightened by the parrot performing his impressive party trick.

“Well what’s your name then?” asked the burglar of the bird.

“Percy” came the reply.

“Percy? What kind of dumbass calls his parrot Percy?”

“The same kind of dumbass that calls the rottweiler Karma…” answered the bird.

What’s the moral of the story? Behave yourself because Karma is a bitch and it will bite you in the ass.

  1. david says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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