That would be an ecumenical matter…

Posted: May 15, 2010 in Random Ramblings

Well in the last post I was talking about the advantages of having religion. I realise I’m starting to sound really deep on this blog but I feel I have to write a follow-up to the last post where I shoved God down your throats.

I have already detailed why I think religion can be a good thing. Or simply just having morality… but basically, it was just an excuse to write this post and not feel guilty about it. Religion is often not a highly positive thing. I mean it can be a wonderful support for people in times of need. Of course it’s a different story if you’re an unmarried mother, a woman in general, gay or a member of any other religion…

For centuries we have not only killed each other as a result of our religious beliefs but we have abused each other. Especially the catholic church in Ireland has had an extreme effect on the Irish people. The church’s doctrine has been written into our constitution, most schools are governed by a church it’s no wonder that the Simpson’s depicted “Catholic Heaven” with irish dancers.

The church has abused its power wherever it’s doctrine has been taught. It’s not something I really want to discuss, but the recent controversy over sexual abuse in church run establishments is something to be mentioned. The church once had a huge effect on people’s opinions. For example, sex outside of wedlock was once considered taboo. The Magdalene Laundries were opened to take in young unmarried women who had become pregnant, unless they gave away their children to adoptive parents, they would be ostracised as “bastard children”. When the religion’s holy book preaches a doctrine of love and acceptance, I find it amazing that we can excercise such attitudes of hate. “But we have grown up” I hear you say. It may shock you then to hear that the last Magdalene Laundry closed on September 25, 1996. That was the year I started primary school.

As a side note, the word in irish for, shall we say “One who ‘plays’ with oneself” is Féin Truallitheoir. This literally means “self polluter”, of course this is just a little bit of comedy, but this term inspired by the church just goes to show how much control it had over people!

However there has been a disturbing development in the world of religion recently, something worse than the regular anti-semitic, homophobic, racist or sexist views expressed by churches. The 1900’s has been a an era of Cults. We’re not just talking the Church of Satan (it’s website was established on April 30, 1966 c.e. by Anton Szandor LaVey!) because there have been many cults, which take no influence from other religions, but which are based on the ideals of egotistical mad men.

I suppose we have to be fair to cults and cult makers. Almost every religion was a cult at some stage. The word cult is defined as: followers of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices. So wouldn’t even christianity have been considered a cult derivation of Judaism? This idea of religions being derived from cults is much more prevalent than you think. Of course we look back on such religions as that exercised in ancient Egypt as heathen and backwards now. I mean, to think of such an unlikely god as Horus: A god who was born to a virgin named “Meri”… the “only begotten son” of the god Osiris, he was born in a cave, an event witnessed by shepherds. Just silly really isn’t it? Not only this but Horus father ( Seb, a.k.a. Jo-Seph) was of royal descent. But it just gets better, his birth was announced by angels and a king named “Herut” tried to kill him in his infancy. Then the poor baby Jesus, I mean Horus falls off the edge of the earth for about thirty years. He finally reappears being baptised by Anup the Baptizer, who is later beheaded…

Sound familiar? All I’m saying is that there have been cults for millenia, however we should become concerned when lives begin to be lost as a result of these religions.

In milder cases we have such “cults” derived from christianity such as Opus Dei, where some members deprive themselves of food, or wear the cilice. In other cases we have recently seen how scientology has spread across the celebrity world. This particular church has been the focus of much controversy over the years, with such strange practices as auditing. Some critics liken this procedure to psychological programming.

In the most serious of all cases, we have seen indoctrinated, vulnerable, perhaps even disturbed people dying in the name of Jihad (the religious war) or there have been those who have been allured into other cults and taken part in mass suicide.

I think this, even more clearly than my last post did, shows how we need to concentrate even more on tolerance and peace than perhaps the religions themselves.

If however you would like to join the church of scientology the price of salvation is anything up to $400,000. So that means when you win the lottery you’ll get to go to church with Tom Cruise every Sunday…

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