Divine Intervention

Posted: May 8, 2010 in Random Ramblings

Warning: this one is going to be deep:

I went to see “Iron Man 2” with my friends a while back, it was great to be honest. Even better than the first. But that is completely besides the point.  It was something that my friend said to me on the way out that inspired this post. He said, with a disillusioned look “I died a little inside when I saw the news article saying ‘Iron Man settles East-West relations’ I mean two-thousand years and it just takes a man in a shiny metal suit.”

It’s true when you think about it. Isn’t it? It makes you wonder, what is the problem between us humans these days? I know probably the most prevalent bone of contention now is the constant struggle for more power than the country next door. More specifically the search for, and acquisition of oil is becoming a bigger and bigger cause for violence.

But it wasn’t always oil that we were trying to invade countries over. No, in the not so distant past (and in some places obviously still today), the greatest cause of depravity between men has been religion.

For centuries we have tortured and killed each other over our religions, look at the crusades, more recently take the religion fueled war of terror between west and east, look to the north of Ireland where fellow countrymen kill each other for what they believe in.

This I find distressing and unnecessary. Sometimes I wonder do the drones of war even know what they are fighting against or what they are fighting for. Do you know the difference between the catholic and protestant religions for example. One believes that the saints are like hotlines to god, the other believes that they should go straight to the man himself. Both believe in the immaculate conception of Jesus, but one puts more faith in Mary. One believes in consubstantiation and the other transubstantiation. This difference, relating to holy communion is so minute and trifling I don’t even know why the original (consubstantiation) was changed when such revolutionaries (or heretics) as Luther and Calvin began to write their own take on religion. Though these differences are so petty, so insubstantial, we have fought and killed for centuries, forcing others to believe what we believe.

The war between major religions has always however, been more fierce. Since the catholic Spaniards invaded southern america and forced the aztecs to abandon their heathen customs, and long before that, we have seen, come, conquered and then, converted. When we look at all the religious wars that have torn across Europe because of the difference between Catholicism and Protestantism, we say “well that’s silly, what’s the difference?” When we look at Judaism, Islam and Christianity, the three “major monotheistic world religions” people often seem to think there is a much greater difference.

But there’s not. Did you know that Christianity, Islam and Judaism all stem from the very same religion? They are all “Abrahamic religions.” The three religions branched out from each other when Abraham banished his second wife Hagar into the desert. The son of his first wife Sarah, Isaac, became a prophet of the Christian/Jewish religion, while the son of Hagar, Ishmael became the patriarch of the Ishmaelites (arab people).

It’s true that the muslim, christian and jewish religions contain different beliefs, and have different texts. But they all recognise each other as “altered versions of the word of God” and whether you are worshipping Allah, Yahweh, Elohim or the Holy Trinity, you are in fact, worshipping the same god. Let’s look at what is similar rather than what differs between our religions. We all believe in some “Moral Compass” Whether that be the ten commandments or the five pillars. Even if you are agnostic or atheist and have no religion at all is it not well and good to have some kind of moral compass like this. I know so many people who believe in no formal religion but who are themselves spiritual or even just moral, who have their own version of commandments or pillars and that is just as good as what is written in the The Bible or Qur’an. Can we not turn away from our thousands of years of war and just accept everyone else for who they are. Looking at the countless dead now. Men and women who have died for what they have believed in. Many more have killed for what they believe. I ask myself. What is the point?

Because all religions, all faiths, all moral compasses have one integral rule. Thou shalt not kill.

We have always looked for some kind of divine intervention. The first cave man looked at the sun and started worshipping it, then the next saw the moon and worshipped that. But the first saw the second worshipping a different shiny thing in the sky and hit him over the head with his club. Where we have worshipped we have waged war.

If somehow you are reading this many years from now and if the war machine still rages, I implore you, do something about this epidemic. More important than any god or religion is peace and love.

Or you could always just wait for Iron Man to fix everything.

  1. Miraslav says:

    jaysus thats deep alright where do ya come up with this stuff????

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