Things you probably shouldn’t say to disabled people!

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Random Ramblings

These are just some more random ramblings from a group I started on facebook by the same name as this blogpost. Many of these are not my own random ramblings, but those of my friends. Yes. My friends really do say these things to me. Enjoy!

1) I just found out that there is a “cripple hill” in Bandon, Cork. 😀

2) come on, it’s just up these stairs.

3) Run, Johnny, run!

4) XD yes… you do realise that by subscribing to this page you have in fact sold your soul and will be going to hell…

5) ‘Oh hey there 🙂 Wanna go for a walk?’  I feel as if i should go to hell XD

6) ‘Hey you coming to the dance tonig….oh wait…sorry :S” XD

7) get up off your arse you lazy motherfucker!!!

8) guy:  I bet you look shit on the dance floor 🙂

me: Ya shit hot.

guy: No just shit 🙂

me: NO shit HOOOT!!! 😀 hey just cos you can’t appreciate my hotness does not mean it’s not there. B)

Yes… that was an awkward one.

9) “Aches and pains all over, and jaysus, I can usually only feel half me body 🙂 🙂 :)”

10) A taximan drove off tonight when he saw I was in a wheelchair… I’m going to continuously roll over his head when he goes to hell.

11) I would just like to say, that similarly to Artie from Glee, my penis works perfectly well, despite the fact that, my admittedly smaller, other 2 lower limbs, do not work. I would also like to point out that, unlike Kirk from Glee, I can not sing a high F. So no smartarsed remarks please…

12) i know a one-armed dj whose favourite song is ‘put your hands up for detroit’

13) Notice to all members: Stop being lazy and contribute to this page… We can’t all sit around on our asses all day.

14) Guy1: so do you get free tickets to oxegen if you’re in a wheelchair?
Me: I don’t think so, I spose you could try.
Guy1: It would nearly be cheaper to buy the wheelchair and fake it if you could.
Guy2: It would be cheaper again if you paralyzed yourself and got a free chair from the hse…
Me: What. the. f*ck?

15) I fell down a toilet once… it has nothing really to do with being disabled but it was a wheelchair jacks… oh and it also made me LOOK more disabled… 😀

16) Guys don’t tell me you’re bored of the page already? Remember, a wheelchair is for life, not just for christmas.

17) I swear to God if some comedian comes out with a new DVD and it’s full of quotes from this page, I’ll freak! Then sue.

18) You say handicap i say lazy!

19) Selfish bastard taking those legs and not using them, when people in africa and places have none…tut

20) Here’s another one… for all of you who do not know this, my email address is sexonwheelz@ (insert service provider here).com For the record, it’s not a service and does not operate like “meals on wheels”.

21) Once upon a time, a friend of mine was waddling down the corridor in school on crutches… as she passed me she made the mistake of saying “I can barely walk!” to her friends. “how do you think I feel?” I asked her. *cue the awkward moment.*

22) this page is slowing down… evidently so am I cos someone slashed my tyres…

23) I’m gonna tell you something someone said to me last night, to save him any embarrassment im gonna call him “Dean”
Me:I’m going up to the bar, want anything?
Dean: ya sure, will I mind your seat for ya? 😉

24) some night last night… i was legless

25) Ya but I have some hangover today… I can barely feel my legs…

26) Could be worse…You could be one part of jedward.

27) y do yer parking spaces get art on them?
i want art on my carparking space!

28) After her recent outbursts on breakfast TV a psychologist has denounced Heather Mills as clearly unbalanced. Sir Paul has phoned in saying, a couple of beer mats under her left foot normally does the trick.

29) Disabled Parking
You are parked in a space clearly designated for disabled persons. Please circle the statement which best describes your handicap :

1 – I don’t read good.

2 – I suffer from terminal laziness.


4 – My inner child was bugging me for ice cream.

5 – My shoes are too expensive to wal…k in.

6 – Wheelchair symbol? I thought it was a rocking chair!

7 – My religion forbids acts of common courtesy.

8 – I ignore OTHER laws, why not this
9- ignorance

30)  I guess you are filled with jealous rage when you see the artistry and magnificence of the Munster boys on the pitch because deep down you know you could be one of them, ya lazy bastard

31) i usually tell my brother ‘lets roll out!’ whenever we’re going somewhere. i also put a 4-wheel-drive sticker on his chair

32) Old Lady: Are you using that disabled parking space?
Me: *raises disabled placard* yes…
Old Lady: *Raises HER disabled placard* *raises her middle finger…*

33) Theres nothing like a nice long walk through a field, ya know?

34) is that seat taken?

35) Get out of that chair you lazy git, god gave you legs for a reason!!/group.php?gid=307564591975&ref=ts

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