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Posted: April 3, 2010 in Random Ramblings

I haven’t got much to write about these days as I’m on holiday and am waiting on some english essays to get back. Therefore in the mean time I’ll submit these random ramblings for your reading pleasure. These are a few funny stories I have about personal experiences. Again, hands off this content, copyright of me!

1) Ok, so once I was at this meeting for disabled sport (I think). After the meeting we were all just waiting around… (ya know tea and coffee and all that) when one of the parents of some other girl (that I didn’t technically know) came over to talk. Here’s the dialogue of the subsequent conversation.

Man: oh hello, I’ve seen you before haven’t I? I’m (someone’s) dad.

Me: Oh, right… hi.

Man: So… eh… what wrong with you?

Me: ehm. Nothing’s wrong with me. Is there something wrong with me? I didn’t notice, is my shirt inside out?

Man: no NO! What’s ya know… up with you?

Me: … I don’t think anything is up with me.

Man: But what’s your PROBLEM?!

Me: OOH! you mean what’s my disability!

Man: Yeees!

Me: Oh I have a Lumbar myelomeningocele.

Man: Oh feck off.

2) Another day I was going out with a cousin to a show in town. If you know Cork I was parking on the quay so that we could walk (wheel) to the Everyman Palace Theatre. We were just about to get out of the car when an old lady drove up beside us on the road and made a gesture that said “Are you parking there?”

Now, it was obvious that I was, but just for posterity I held up my blue parking card (handicap card if you’re american), because many people park in the disabled spaces when they don’t need to. My intention was to reassure the woman that I did, indeed need the space.

In return, the woman held up her own blue card to the window. Then with her other hand she gave me the middle finger and drove off.

3) I also went to see a FANTASTIC hypnotist whose name I won’t mention for libel issues, however if he reads this he’ll know who he is! I was talking to the sound man before the show (very nice guy actually).

Now as you will all know having read my posts, I have a sick sense of humour when it comes to my disability and I can share that sense of humour with my friends. Therefore my friend and I were joking that we would be truly impressed if the hypnotist could convince me to walk.

I voiced my opinion to the soundguy during the interval, to which he replied. He’s a hypnotist, he doesn’t do miracles…

I spent the whole second half of the show feeling guilty for that one, the sound guy didn’t get my sense of humour. But I explained after the show, then he did in fact laugh.

I’ll post some more of these stories when I remember them!

  1. man what is yo myspace site?

  2. David says:

    Don’t use myspace that often, but my twitter is on the margin there.

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